Sunday, April 12, 2009

thesis render codec

it took me a whole day to figure out the best render setting for my thesis..., even a lot of people saying that "animation" is the best lossless codec...but I think it's not quite working with pixel video footage, I have been trying couple of times,I feel there is no much notable difference between H.264 and animation, in fact, animation always results a gigantic file. so I think I will use H264 rather than animation for my final rendering.

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Hung said...

Haha! yes! animation codec is the best, it just weights few more GBs...

If you are saving the animation in a DVD at end, I recomend you to use animation since DVD will re-compress your movie and you want it to compress from the best quality. H264 is my favorite movie format, it's like JPEG for images: weight less + good quality! (barato y bueno!) :)