Tuesday, December 4, 2007

this is a "small" list for all my final projects---
-final toy in 3d
-packaging for the final toy
-final toy's graphic novel
-a calender for the relief and printmaking-6page
-final woodcut 11x17, at least 10 prints
-one plate for final etching using aguatint at least 10 prints
-a jazz typographic brochure 19x27
-identity for a musem
-packaging for paul pott
-narrative's final project ( i don't know yet)
-1 critique essay
I have to finish all this projects in 2 weeks.
what an exciting ending for my first semester in Parsons....
I think it's gonna to break my "amarre" 's record...


Alexandra said...

bueeena suerte!!!!

superpao said...

de nada, espero que sobreviva en esta semana infernal.